2018 conference PROGRAM




Alexander McCobin, CEO, Conscious Capitalism International

Join our CEO, Alexander McCobin, to kick off this year’s Purpose x Profit festivities—celebrating the growth of the Conscious Capitalism movement and all of the trailblazing businesses that are making it possible.


Corey Blake, CEO  Round Table Companies

Corey is an accomplished actor, writer, publisher, and speaker.  He embodies conscious leadership in his business and has made it his mission to help leaders come to the conclusion that Vulnerability is Sexy!  His wit and passion will help to ensure that every moment of our program has the potential to transform.


Miki Agriwal, Social Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author (Do Cool Shit and upcoming DisruptHer)

Miki brings the wit and provocation of a performance artist to marketing products that have historically been associated with shame — and she’s catalyzed a movement along the way.

“Society often makes us pay if we fail, so saving face is the game many of us feel forced to play, and this often prevents us from starting at all.”

Afdhel Aziz, Global Brand Expert and Best-Selling Author (Good is the New Cool)

How to Love Your Work in the 20th Century

In this talk, Afdhel explores the existential crisis facing humanity in the 21st century: the fact that only 15% of people like what they do for a living. Especially with Millennials and Gen-Z entering the workforce, companies need to find new ways to attract and retain the best talent by showing them how their work ladders up to positive social and environmental impact.

Using powerful stories of everyday people who have found ways to do extraordinary things in their work, he shows how people within corporations can unlock their purpose, using a revolutionary new model.

“There’s no point in having a great organizational purpose if people can’t unlock their own personal purpose as well.”

Shaun Thomson , World Champion Surfer, Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, and Author

Shaun will share the 12 simple lessons for riding the next wave in life and business that he discovered through his own experiences of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, in and out of the surf.

“All surfers are joined by one ocean.”

Impact Trailblazers Leading Their Industries Through Impact

Lead by Pledgeling CEO James Citron, this panel will discuss all things disruption. Hear from industry vets, global brands, and start-up pioneers—and learn from their successes, failures, and the biggest challenges that made them who they are today. This is a jam-packed session on blazing new trails AND making an impact along the way.

Break OUT sessions

Want to meet other badass leaders and entrepreneurs? If you’re nodding “Hell yes,” then our breakout session are for you. These learning, sharing, and networking sessions will leave you inspired AND with a whole new crew of creative collaborators.

Funding the Future of Impact

Need money for that social entreprise that’s going to change the world? Damn right you do! This panel pulls together leading investors to get their take on pet peeves while raising, must-haves for that all important pitch, and advice from the trenches to get you the capital you need for the change that’s needed.

Accelerate your Business Through Purpose

Simon Mainwaring (WeFirst)  + Jordan Glassberg (Lyft)

Lyft is an excellent example of a company distinguishing itself by building a brand around values as well as a quality service and customer experience. Simon, a powerhouse of the conscious business movement himself, will talk with Jordan about the story of Lyft and how purpose has enabled them to surpass 1 billion rides

“Lyft’s mission is to improve people's lives through the world's best transportation. Our vision was to reinvent cities around people, not cars.”

What’s your Pink Spoon?  Creating Fanatical Customers

Corey Blake (Round Table Companies)

That Baskin Robins spoon is a beacon, calling out to the masses, “If you love ice cream so much that you want to try each and every flavor before making your decision... then YOU are our people!” Find your own pink spoon in this 50-minute workshop about how to uncover your unique approach to creating fanatical stakeholders.

Setting Boundaries for Success

Chris Plourde (Equinox)

Are you structuring your day for optimal performance? This workshop will provide you with strategies to maximize performance and utilize your time more efficiently

“We love the feeling of firing on all cylinders, wins are happening and we are in the flow. “

conscious capitalism activatorS

What’s an Activator you say? Well, in short, it’s a power session. Uh, what’s a power session? Fair enough. Our Activator sessions were developed to arm you with practical tools and tips for you to bring to life the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism in your business or at work. Get ready to dig into:

Stakeholder Orientation
Higher Purpose
Conscious Leadership
Conscious Culture

Activator #1 Higher Purpose

Elevating humanity through business begins with knowing why your company exists. This Activator gets you started on your path to True North.

Hosts:  Jordan Glassberg (Lyft) + Simon Mainwaring (WeFirst)

Activator #2 Stakeholder Orientation

Motivating all stakeholders by creating “win-win-win” outcomes for everyone impacted by your business decisions. This Activator helps you elevate everyone in the game.

Hosts:   Lindsay Dahl (Beautycounter) +  Yana Simone (New Earth)

Activator #3 Conscious Culture

Increasing the level of consciousness in your culture by cultivating trust, transparency, accountability, integrity and love. This Activator takes the mystery out of good culture.

Hosts:  Tracy Lawrence, (Chewse)  + Kim Perkins (NOBL)

Activator #4 Conscious Leadership

Leading — so you can be the change you wish to see. This Activator helps you define your leadership role to better serve the purpose of the business, support people, and create value for all stakeholders.

Hosts:  Thierry Ollivier, (Brandstorm Inc./ Natierra)  + Matthew Manos (verynice)


Grounded Action Meditation

In one of many un-conference-like experiences, Lisa Berkovitz will guide us through a powerful grounding and alignment meditation designed to ensure that your intentions are translated into right action. Prepare yourself for an experience that will anchor you in the current moment even as it catapults you into your most desired future.   

Conscious Sparks Lounge

How can each of us create more consciousness in the companies we work for and with? Come hang out in our Conscious Sparks Lounge and have some GT’s Kombucha with your This Bar Saves Lives snack!

Give2Get Impact Activity

Take out time from focusing on how to have impact to actually have some! The founders of Give2Get will be there to lead a one-of-a-kind activity in support of local communities in need.

Inspired Action Installation

Work with a cast of talented artists to help us create a living symbol of our commitment to using business for good.

meeting of the tribes

Connect with the many organizations that support conscious business in LA

conscious marketplace

All good things in one place?! Yes, dreams really do come true. The Conscious Marketplace puts the spotlight on goods and services doing good. Stock up on samples, find businesses you’ll love (and who share your values!), and walk away with new favorites. Stay tuned for our list of vendors, coming soon!


why Not After party?

What better way to let it all sink in — and avoid rush-hour traffic — than to join other participants for a little soiree? Keep your eyes peeled for all the awesome details to come!