This year, our focus is on the power of storytelling to create change. We’ll peel the layers off all the hype and explore why storytelling actually matters. You’ll have opportunities to learn in unique environments, with alternatives to traditional sit-and-listen talks.


Purpose market

Each conference we invite leading and emerging purpose-driven brands to our Purpose Market. Attendees can shop and have unique experiences with each brand. From clean beauty stations to 'good' influencers meet-and-greet, principled apparel and gear to inspirational bookstores, we'll have all the bases covered.


Conscious Appetite

Through-out the day we'll have food and beverage experiences that will keep both your brain and your mind satisfied. Coffee and small group sessions with your favorite founders, networking lunches that are actually delicious, cocktails you can feel good about, you name it.


Good Stories

We'll bring together artists, activists, storytellers, entrepreneurs and wellness practitioners for a day of inspiring stories. Some talks may actually be a story, plain and simple, an inspirational tale. Others will be workshops, helping you find your why and tell the world about it. There's only one rule, no bullet point slideshows.


The Conference Components


Keynote speakers will consist of top-level inspirational presenters. They will address the topic of Storytelling on a high-level, appealing to a broad audience. Some programs include Finding Purpose at Work and How to make LA the most purpose driven city in the world.


Throughout the day, we’ll have a series of panels addressing Storytelling in a more intimate setting and allow for discussion. Panel leaders will be experts in their fields and will keep it fun and engaging, telling tales from the trenches and stories from the edge discussing failures, challenges and successes. You will learn to co-create solutions for profitability and social purpose and how to scale up social impact through technology. Join us to discuss how to use emerging technology to engage creatively to inspire for good.


Workshops will give attendees a chance to put words into action. Hands-on learning experiences in storytelling will be geared towards being fun and motivational, rather than technical. Interactive, life shifting,  team building, and community strengthening.


With storytelling as our theme, we’ll explore topics that cross boundaries between work and play, to the inner worlds, to global issues. Diving into the stories and hearing from the filmmakers and actors from some of the most compelling and challenging issues including The Compost Story from Kiss the Ground, The Prosperity Movie from the Urban Monk, The New Breed from Stay Gold Studios and more.