2017 conference schedule


8:30am - 9:00 / REGISTRATION & bREAKFAST

Don't miss the early day hello's, the epic sweet & savory scones generously provided by Sconely and the fair trade, ethically sourced organic java, thanks to Groundwork Coffee - "Coffee that tastes good, and does good."  

9:00-9:15 / Welcome

Welcome by the Conscious Capitalism team along with a short guided meditation by Wanderlust. 

9:15-10:00 / Prosperity: The Movie. The Movement.

Pedram Shojai President, Well.org
Andrei Chernei CEO, Aspiration
Gunnar Lovelace Founder/Co-CEO, Thrive Market

The film, Prosperity takes us from NYC to Panama to uncover the power of business to elevate humanity. This conversation with three of the film’s key players, promises to inspire and inform as they discuss the future of commerce and highlight the ways that business is already changing the world. You will learn about the secrets of “symbiotic capitalism,” the power of the “freemion” model, and the rise of the “for benefit” corporation. These three bold leaders will also share their challenges and successes and put the question to the rest of us: What role do we play in this future?

10:00-11:00 / TECH FOR GOOD

James Citron CEO Pledgeling
Dominic Kalms CEO GVNG
Victor Cho CEO Evite
Lucia Brawley Co-Founder Amp.It
Kyle Moss Government Affairs Program Manager & Head of Global Entrepreneurship, Qualcomm Wireless Reach
Brent Freeman Co-Founder YogaClub
Charlie Annenberg Weingarten VP of the Annenberg Foundation, Emmy award winning Executive Producer,
and Founder of explore.org

Meet some of the global & most recognized brands in LA that are creating a new philanthropy by using technology for good to align with a purpose & drive meaningful impact. What is driving them to support causes around the world and how do they measure the ROI of Impact? Hear why these brands embrace social impact as core to their business today, and learn how "tech for good" helps them achieve double bottom line goals.

11:00-11:15 / Break

11:15-12:00 / Why All Brands Should Be Feminists

Moderated by: Sacha Strebe Editorial Director, MyDomaine, Clique Brands
Shabnam Mogharabi CEO, SoulPancake
Michelynn Woodard Co-Founder, The Artemis Agency
Hannah Skvarla Co-Founder, The Little Market
Vanessa Stofenmacher Founder / Creative Director, Vrai & Oro
Annie Lascoe Co-Founder, Conscious Period

70 to 80 percent of consumer purchasing is driven by women. In fact, women, particularly millennial women, have emerged as one of the most important demographics in modern-day business. These highly successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, influencers, and consumers are not only holding the purse strings, but in many cases are disrupting the traditional family model as the breadwinners too.

We’ll discuss how these female business leaders successfully connect, engage and empower other women, and why the story behind a brand can be the most powerful marketing of all.

12:00-12:15 / Yes, And! Consensus through Shared Storytelling

Shannon Scarselletta Founder ImproVision

“Yes, And” is the core improvisational rule of fearlessly embracing and building upon the diverse ideas of your teammates. Improvisers say “Yes, and” to create stories that are both shared by and greater than the individual team members. When applied to creating our organization’s stories, “Yes, and” enables all voices to be heard and valued, promoting consensus and shared ownership of the final product.

ImproVision Consulting, LLC empowers organizations to adapt, innovate, and influence through training and facilitation inspired by improvisational comedy. As a management consultant and improv comedian, ImproVision founder Shannan Scarselletta discovered that trust and mutual accountability is at the heart of organizational agility and creativity. She founded ImproVision to help leaders and teams achieve transformational change by earning the trust of colleagues and clients alike.

12:15-12:45 / The New Narrative: The Regenerative Nature of Business

Moderated by: Finian Makespeace Co-Founder / Artist Kiss the Ground, The Compost Story
Ryland Engelhand Co-Owner/CIO, Cafe Gratitude
Josh Tickell Bestselling Author and Film Director, Kiss The Ground 
Leslie Booher Farmer, Sunken Seaweed

Generally, humans have been locked into sustainability as our only hopeful option forward. This panel will explore sustainability as a reaction to degenerative expectations. This opens the door for regenerative systems and working in tandem with nature to provide for our needs and restore our planet’s most precious resources: clean, abundant water and healthy, fertile soil.

12:45-1:30 / lunch

1:30-2:30 /Unlock Your Innate Creativity

Peter Himmelman Grammy & Emmy award-nominated musician, author, and Big Muse CEOnder, 

Using rock and roll, vivid storytelling, and hands-on audience involvement, Peter’s Big Muse workshop has helped leaders and teams from organizations like Adobe, Gap Inc. and McDonalds discover novel - yet practical - ways to become more innovative, more expressive, and better able to succeed in their day to day challenges.

2:30-3:15 / Building a Culture that Drives Innovation, Growth and Impact

Simon Mainwaring CEO & Founder, We First

Perhaps the most important, yet least recognized opportunity for growth among brands today is their ability to build a conscious culture. It’s that culture that allows companies to win the talent wars, to make their employees more productive, and to become an employer of choice. Each of these are critical in terms of driving the innovation, growth and impact that will ensure a brand stays relevant in a highly competitive marketplace. In this highly interactive workshop, Simon will help you to pinpoint the most effective strategies and tactics for building a conscious culture in your company.  No matter what industry you are in, no matter how big or small your business is, you will walk away with specific tools for long-term impact.

3:15-3:45 / BREAK

3:45-4:00 / The Power of Media and Storytelling for… Compost?
Case Study: The Compost Story

Finian Makepeace Co-Founder/Artist, Kiss The GroundThe Compost Story
Madisen Gittlin Program Assistant, Global Green
Julia Mande Director of Development, L.A. Compost

The Compost Story was produced as a follow up to Kiss The Ground’s Internationally acclaimed short video The Soil Story. The Compost Story stars Rosario Dawson, Adrian Grenier, Amy Smart, Kendrick Sampson and Paul Blackthorne with campaign support from Jason Mraz.

Kiss The Ground lead a group of compost stakeholders and advocates from the US Composting Council to the Sanitation departments of 4 California municipalities, to composting pioneers throughout the world. We believe good storytelling helps movements spread. The video was designed to spread awareness for the “2.0” of compost, compost as a regenerative substance that can help restore our land and even help reverse climate change. Learn why you will now be committed to composting.

Three speakers will talk about how composting is emerging movement in cities around the world. Linking the storytelling (“inspiration”) of the short video with the actions provided by “boots on the ground” organizations like Global Green. We’re going to inspire them AND give the examples of what they can actually do after the conference.  

In our Conscious Marketplace, we’ll have a soil/composting station for people to experience. And a compost pickling station per Nicole Landers.

4:15-4:45 / How Brands Can Make Giving Fun and Easy

Ryan Cummins Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Omaze

Ryan Cummins, Co-Founder of online giving platform Omaze, will discuss how brands, talent and franchises can leverage storytelling, content and creativity to transform giving into something that authentically engages their followers and elevates their image.

4:45-5:15 / Fireside Chat:
Radically influencing global culture through the power of commerce;

Tom Bilyeu CEO & Founder, Impact Theory
Pedram Shojai President, Well.org

Tom Bilyeu CEO & Founder, of Quest Nutrition and most recently, Impact Theory built on the intention to leverage the self-sustaining power of commerce to radically influence global culture.

5:15-5:00 / Wrap Up and Challenge To LA and Call to Join the Movement

5:30-6:30 / COCKTAIL PARTY




Culture Club 101

Culture Club 101 is a Real Food Kitchen, Café, Specialty Store and Learning Center.  Serving the Pasadena and surrounding area, Culture Club 101 was created out of a commitment to bring back into awareness the food traditions of the past that were beneficial to human health and vitality.  Inspired by the book Nourishing Traditions, by Weston A. Price Foundation founder Sally Fallon, we saw a need and desire for these almost forgotten foods and preparations.

Improving the Microbiome One Bite at a Time!

ACTIVITY: Sample Russian Beet Kvass and other traditional bubbly probiotic beverages. Visit the SCOBY petting zoo and learn about the important role that beneficial microbes play in health and healing through consuming probiotic rich foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut, beet kvass and more.


Rose City Yoga is dedicated to creating community in Pasadena through yoga. Our classes, events, and workshops, provide the financial foundation to provide yoga programs to local organizations and nonprofits. At Rose City Yoga, your practice reaches beyond your mat.

ACTIVITY: Stop by the Rose City Yoga booth for a quick, gentle, restorative pose that will help rejuvenate the mind and body to help get energy flowing after a long day of sitting. Using breath work, postures, and essential oils, you'll leave the Rose City Yoga booth feeling energized and ready for the next session.

Thrive Market Oil Infusion Station

The mission of Community Healing Gardens (CHG) is to foster community and educate on the importance of growing food through urban gardening. 
Learn how to infusing fresh herbs into olive oil provided by Thrive Market with CHG.


Kiss The Ground is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Los Angeles, whose mission is to inspire participation in the global movement to restore fertile soil.

ACTIVITY: We invite participants to compare healthy and dead soils and learn about soil absorption and the role it plays in restoring the balance of our environment and growing mineral-rich foods.


Tell YOUR CC- LA Story!

We believe in the power of story to create connection and make change. Storyvine is a guided video system with an easy-to-use app that lets anyone, anywhere capture and create polished, edited videos in just minutes. Customizable templates serve as a story framework that guide users through the process, giving confidence to novices and narrative pros alike.

ACTIVITY: Step into our “Storyvine Booth” to create your own high-quality video. Tell your own Conscious Capitalism story, and we’ll post it on the CCLA website! You’ll love seeing how quickly Storyvine can turn your passion into a compelling video that becomes part of the Conscious movement!

VR Experience - TECH FOR GOOD

The Power of VR to Solve Societal Problems with Qualcomm® Wireless Reach

Mobile technology is a powerful tool that is helping to reduce maternal and infant mortality around the world. Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ and Trice Imaging collaborated on the Mobile Ultrasound Patrol program to provide ultrasounds to women living in remote areas, and used mobile technology to instantly transmit the scans to doctors in the city for diagnosis.

ACTIVITY: Put on the goggles and see what they are doing with mobile technology in the mountains of Morocco. There, you will meet a young pregnant woman named Fatima, and Dr. Katof, an obstetrician, who make the lengthy journey to provide mobile ultrasounds to women living in resource-scarce areas. Experience the juxtaposition of advanced technology and tough living conditions that led the government of Morocco to scale this program across the country.