We couldn't be more thrilled for your interest in helping out at the 2017 PXP Conference - we could not do this without you!

As a volunteer, if you’d like free admission to the conference day-of, we ask for at least 4 hours of your time committed ONSITE at the conference.

We’ve gotten our needs sorted out and specified in the linked google doc below.

  • Please go in and see where you can help. 
  • You’ll notice that there are needs on multiple days; Some needs are short (1 hour) while others are longer (up to 4 hours). If you’re up for it, we’d be thrilled to have you take multiple needs (and still be able to enjoy some of the conference)! 
  • Important: Please make sure to add your name and cellphone and email. If you don't add complete details, there's a chance you may get bumped off the list. (sorry!)

Volunteer Roles Signup:  Click Here


please email BOTH Emily Dransfield AND Alene Gabriel